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Per Cycle


Please note that orders between 11-14th February will be delivered on 15th February

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Experience pain free & healthy periods

Powerful 100% natural tonic scientifically developed to target the root cause of period pains - hormonal imbalance

Scarlet auto tracks your period & delivers a box of 8 bottles each cycle on time & hassle free - drink 1 bottle a day for the 8 days leading up to your period...that's it!


My cramps have really gone!


I dont experience migraines anymore - Scarlet has changed my life!


My flow is finally regular & I feel so much healthier. Will defo recommend to my friends!


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Supports Hormonal Health. Chasteberry & Wild Yam are known to help regulate the balance of estrogen & progesterone

You deserve premium ingredients from Mother Nature to care for your body. Scarlet contains super herbs for women that are complemented with evidence backed vitamins & minerals to maintain hormonal balance.


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Ancient Holistic Blend of Women's Super Herbs to Ease Menstrual Discomfort

Scarlet's premium super herbs, Chasteberry & Wild Yam have been in use for 1000s of years to remedy menstrual pain & boost women's health. Blended with vitamins and minerals essential to maintain hormonal health, - they are especially effective for naturally alleviating cramps, heavy flow, headaches & fatigue.


I was skeptical but it really works, my cramps & bloating are so much better


Defo works for my PMS, I feel much happier!


I tried it to ensure a better flow of menses it works! No pain


Personalised subscription synced to your cycle; simply drink 1 bottle a day for 8 days :)

A box of 8 bottles is delivered every cycle to support your menstrual happiness

Drink 1 bottle a day through your Luteal Phase

Improve your hormonal health and optimize your performance with Scarlet's ALL NATURAL monthly nourishment!


     Your Journey to Menstrual Happiness

Period pains of any kind are not normal, and shouldn't be ignored. Staying aware, educating yourself and taking appropriate action increases your Health, Life & Happiness.

Scarlet is a 100% Natural Health Tonic
Proudly Made in Singapore
Certified Food Safe (ISO 22000), Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal

Take Scarlet mindfully and consistently and
‍experience the benefits of our premium herbs on your physical & mental wellbeing...

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