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In a world where women’s reproductive health is surrounded by fog and mystery, Scarlet’s ultimate goal truly shines like a lighthouse in the night.

Here at Scarlet, we don’t believe women should stay silent, especially when it comes down to a naturally reoccurring process that has nothing embarrassing about it. 

Just think about it: how many ways are there to avoid the word “period”?
From “Auntie Flo” to “That time of the month”, people have been quietly whispering about this topic hoping men aren’t nearby to hear.
For centuries, just mentioning our period has always been perceived as something “dirty”: we are forced not only to nurture our bodies and take care of them in secret, but also to suffer in silence. 

Yes, because this isn’t something that’s just related to the past: even today, a young girl living in a single-parent family with her dad, or a young woman raised by someone who has no menstrual discomforts or even with an outdated mentality - can be too embarrassed to bring up her menstrual cycle, or even to ask about related sanitary products!

But period-related pain isn’t something new: we have been experiencing it since the human race came to be, and Scarlet truly stands for finally breaking this taboo, giving the option and allowing every woman out there not only to live with their period in harmony, but also completely pain-free. 

We have developed a breakthrough product that targets the root cause of menstrual problems (cramps, PMS, irregular flow, etc…)in a direct, effective way: Scarlet is a 100% natural tonic that regulates hormone imbalances and helps women build long-term health. 

Here at Scarlet, you are more than welcome to be yourself: let’s break our silence and tell the world that yes, we are here, and yes, we do have a period: and we are doing something about it in order to feel great, improve our health and excel in our fullest potential!

We look forward to you joining our family: get in on the exclusive group of women who are benefiting from Scarlet each day! Let us Live, Learn and Laugh with our research and funny blogs! 

With Love,
The Scarlet Family

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Beauty Starts From the Inside

100% natural 100% woman

As woman we are all one but all women are unique :) We want all of us to enjoy the best of Scarlet whether it’s to help alleviate our cramps, bloating and PMS or to maintain & support your menstrual health, Scarlet is your 1st step to naturally balancing your hormones, regulating your cycle, improving your energy & keeping your skin & smile glowing ;)

Scarlet's Ingredients

Live, learn and laugh with our blog:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Improving your monthly cycle

Beauty starts from within

Scarlet can support to alleviate PMS, bloating, cramps, fatigue, irritability, menstrual discomforts, period pain, or low mood level.

Scarlet can boost your menstrual health, fertility, wellness, skin health, energy levels, and help detoxify.

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