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The Scarlet Company’s passion is to help improve the lives of women & their menstrual health through the power of nature.

Scarlet by The Scarlet Company is a carefully crafted 100% natural tonic with a blend of Chasteberry (vitex angus-castus) and Wild Yam (Dioscorea). Both ingredients have been used for thousands of years supporting female wellness & menstrual health.

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Beauty Starts From the Inside

100% natural 100% woman

As woman we are all one but all woman are unique :) We want all of us to enjoy the best of Scarlet whether it’s to maintain & support your monthly menstrual health or whether you experience severe discomforts, Scarlet is your 1st step to naturally balancing your hormones, regulating your cycle, improving your energy & keeping your skin & smile glowing.

Scarlet's Ingredients

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Improving your monthly cycle

Beauty starts from within

Scarlet can support to alleviate PMS, bloating, cramps, fatigue, irritability, menstrual discomforts, period pain, or low mood level.

Scarlet can boost your menstrual health, fertility, wellness, skin health, energy levels, and help detoxify.

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