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Our journey towards menstrual happiness

In a world where the subject of a woman’s reproductive health is often foggy and mysterious, Scarlet’s ultimate goal shines like a beacon in the night.

We at Scarlet don’t believe women need to be silent about their period - that it is a powerful biological and naturally recurring process that is to be celebrated, and not shamed.

Let’s count the ways society tries to veto the word ‘period’ - usually, to avoid disconcerting members of the opposite sex! From ‘Aunt Flo’ and ‘that time of the month’, to 'Shark Week' and ‘the Crimson Tide’, people have been whispering around the subject for centuries.

Just mentioning one's period has been perceived as ‘dirty’ - so not only are women forced to nurture their bodies in secret, but to also suffer in silence... and this isn’t something we can simply banish into the past. Even now, a young girl living in a single-parent family with her dad, or a young woman raised by someone who doesn't experience similar menstrual discomforts, or with an outdated outlook - can be too embarrassed to speak up about her menstrual cycle, ask about sanitary products, or voice her discomfort and pain. And period-related pain isn’t a new phenomena - we’ve been experiencing it since the human race came to be!


The Scarlet Company aims to help improve the lives of women & their menstrual health through the power of nature.

Scarlet also takes a stands to help break the taboo around #periods.

We believe that every woman should have - not only the options she needs to live in harmony with her period, but also the ones that allow it to be fully pain-free. The carefully crafted, 100% natural Scarlet blend contains the ingredients Chasteberry & Wild Yam, which have been in use for 1000's of years in remedies that regulate menstrual cycles and promote women's wellness in the long term. It includes vitamins and minerals essential to women’s hormonal health, energy, metabolism and immunity.  

A breakthrough product researched and #madeinSingapore, Scarlet is certified food safe, gluten free, vegan and halal. Our online subscription and delivery model is  personalised to support each woman’s unique cycle.

“In the Scarlet family, you’re welcome to be yourself. Let’s break our silence, tell the world that yes, we are here, and yes, we have a period and that yes, we’re taking steps to address our menstrual health. In order to feel great, to excel, and meet our fullest potential across all stages of life.”
— Laurel, Founder of Scarlet

We look forward to you joining our family - get in on the exclusive group of women who see benefits from Scarlet everyday! Live, learn and laugh with the tongue in cheek articles and research on our blog and social channels. See you there!

With Love,
The Scarlet Family


Beauty Starts From the Inside

100% natural, 100% woman

“As woman we are one, but every woman is unique”

We’d like all women to benefit from the best of Scarlet - whether it’s to help alleviate cramps, bloating and PMS or to maintain & support menstrual health issues - Scarlet is the 1st step to naturally balancing your hormones, regulating your cycle, improving your energy & keeping your skin & smile glowing…

Specially crafted for women's menstrual health and overall well-being.

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Improving your monthly cycle

Beauty starts from within

Scarlet can support to alleviate PMS, bloating, cramps, fatigue, irritability, menstrual discomforts, period pain, or low mood level.

Scarlet can boost your menstrual health, fertility, wellness, skin health, energy levels, and help detoxify.

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