made in singapore


1 box of 8 bottles
Per Cycle


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Hormonal Imbalance is often the cause for menstrual pains & irregularities

Get The Quality of Life You Want With Scarlet!

made in singapore


1 box of 8 bottles
Per Cycle


100% Natural, iso certified, vegan, gluten-free, halal & made in singapore

Premium Ingredients used for over a 1000 years

Conveniently delivered to your door each month supporting your long term health

Menstrual happiness


Wild Yam

Vitamins & Minerals

Benefits of Scarlet


PMS & Menstrual Cramps

Swollen & Sore Breasts

Menopausal Discomforts

Irregular Cycles & Heavy Flow

Irregular emotions and anxiety


Reproductive Health

Energy Boost

Skin Detoxification

Improved Focus & Concentration


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Enter your details
Date of the 1st day of your last period
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Step 2 - Free Delivery

Your 1st box of Scarlet will be delivered on the next working day.

Delivery will arrive during your luteal phase - 10 days before your period is due (Based on your average cycle length)

Step 3 - Receive & Drink

Drink 1 bottle a day for 8 days leading up to your period

Enjoy the benefits as the months go by and get the quality of life you always wanted!

Your Journey to Menstrual Happiness

Period pains of any kind are not normal and we should not ignore it. Being aware and doing something about it increases the value of your health, life & happiness.

Scarlet is 100% Natural & Proudly Made in Singapore,
Certified Food Safe (ISO 22000), Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal

By taking Scarlet mindfully and consistently,
start experiencing the benefits of our premium herbs on your physical & mental wellbeing.

made in singapore


1 box of 8 bottles
Per Cycle