Wild Yam: The Herb of Women

Wild Yam and women go hand in hand in an intertwined history of reproductive health. Wild yam is included in the traditional organic remedy for various reproductive disorders amongst Chinese and Native Americans. Now, wild yam is manufactured into various forms for supplementation. Some of these forms are tinctures, capsules, tablets, liquid forms, creams, and lotions. The claims about wild yam for reproductive health is heavy in anecdotes and traditional medicine. If you are skeptical about it, do more research or simply talk to your doctor about it. 

What Are the Benefits that Yam is Known For?

Wild Yam is famous for its antispasmodic compounds. That is why it is such a venerated herb for pain management and cramps. It calms down the turbulent wave of muscle spasm in the uterine lining. For this reason, it has become a staple herb against cramps. Aside from the uterine lining, wild yam can also tame spasms in the intestines. 

Wild Yam: The Herb for Women

This coined term has been there for years. This term, if it's apt to assume, comes from the fact that wild yam is effective in banishing menstrual cramps. But it is more than a cure for menstrual cramps. Wild yam has a lot of benefits to offer for the reproductive system. Traditionally, Native Americans famously use wild yam to treat intense nausea for their pregnant women. Wild yam can also influence the production of certain sex hormones for hormonal balance. It has astonishing benefits too for women who are over their child-birthing years. Lowering progesterone and menopausal benefits are two of some of the wild yam's famous activities.

The Use of Wild Yam for Menopausal Women

You might think that menopause is the end of your hormonal and reproductive worries. Not a chance. Menopausal still comes with great risk and complication. Aside from hormonal imbalance, menopause is a silent ding-dong of the stark truth of aging.Menopause means the weakening of the bones, the increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, and many more complications. That is why it is of utmost importance to start caring more for your health once you are in the menopausal stage.

Wild yam helps women with menopause through balancing the hormones. Wild yams stimulate the production of progesterone for menopausal health. For menopausal symptoms, the cream is the common form of usage. The form of application or usage should be considered in any situation. For menopause or any hormonal related problems, creams and capsules are the most prominent form of usage.

Studies tell us that there is no conclusive narrative about wild yam's effects on the menopausal women, but there are no serious side effect complications either given that you are taking it properly. So, why not give it a shot? However, this is dependent on your discretion. You have to talk to your doctor about your decision in taking wild yam as a supplement or treatment.

The Natural Way of Lowering Progesterone and How to Counteract it Through Wild Yam

Wild yam may have some activities against hormonal imbalance. You just have to make sure that the product that you are about to take in is something credible and lawfully approved within your country. So how can wild yam help in increasing progesterone?

In menopause, your progesterone level drops. The lowering of your progesterone levels is natural until it drops to zero. This is not true for most women, though. Some women can still keep their progesterone in a lowly normal level through their adrenal gland.

Before menopause, women can still experience lower production of progesterone. For example, if you didn't ovulate for one menstrual cycle, your progesterone level will naturally decrease. Normally, your progesterone level shoots up right after ovulation because it is preparing for a possible pregnancy. Without that adequate levels of progesterone in the body, the chances of pregnancy might turn dire (this is how contraceptive normally work. They lower your progesterone to avoid fertilising the egg or supporting the uterine for the egg to stick).

The natural lowering of progesterone in your body involves not just one organ but a series of intertwined systems. The lowering and increase in your progesterone are not voluntary, so your body pretty much does all the work. There are some external factors. However, that can increase your progesterone level like the wild yam root in particular.

There are complications and problems involving a deficiency in progesterone levels. There are also problems involving towering progesterone levels. But for the most part, you wanted to take care of yourself from not dipping your progesterone to zero.

The Side Effect of Wild Yam

The usage of traditional herbs and roots for disorders or simply for supplementary purposes is far more holistic compared to synthetic medicine. This why some women prefer wild yam or chasteberry more any other synthetic supplements. Like most supplements and medicine when taken incorrectly, there will consequences.

Wild yam contains diosgenin, and the body naturally has estriol. These two elements can combine and create disastrous effects if the wild yam intake is incorrect. The interaction between estriol and diosgenin might wrongly interact with some contraceptive pills. The interaction might cancel out the effectivity of contraceptive birth control pills from doing its function. For this reason, the doctor does not recommend the intake of wild yam supplements when the person in contraception.

Aside from contraceptive pills, wild yam supplement might have some unwanted drug interaction with certain medications. For this reason, you have to maintain full disclosure to your doctor of what you take in on a daily basis. This is to prevent unwanted drug interaction and cancellation of effects. Wild yams might also have some unwanted complication to certain health conditions. To cancel out those possibilities, talk to your doctor first before taking it in.

Your Takeaway

Wild Yam is truly the best companion of a woman's journey towards a healthy reproductive system. Thanks to traditional medicine and organic science, it is slowly becoming of a staple in medicine cabinets around the globe. Wild yam indeed has a lot of astonishing benefits. However, taking precautions would not hurt. Take time to research about it first. Also, try to look for company brands that are legitimate and credible so as to avoid complications upon usage.

There are many ways of taking wild yam. Some of the popular ways of taking it are through a cream application or through the capsule. Wild yams are usually in the manufactured form of mixed herbs and roots like motherwort or chaste berry.Whatever it is, wild yam is most effective if it is centred for a reproductive health supplement.  

Please make sure to review the little pamphlet of instructions in your product's package before taking it in. Make sure to obey them all. Avoid using wild yam if you fall under the following complications stated in the little pamphlet. Wild yam might be generally good for health, but it has its limitations.

Up to now, there is still no conclusive effects of wild yam to some areas of health concerns and issues. But rest assured when taken correctly, wild yam will do you good. Wild yam relieved a lot of women around the globe, and it is time for you to experience it.