Wild Yam Against Aging

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April 17, 2021

Wild Yam Against Aging

Many of the products for anti-aging has recently got wild yam tags on them. Is it just coincidence or only pure logic?

From 1960 up to now, wild yam root is on a roll due to its medical benefits. It has a potent activity and interaction with the production of sex hormones in the human body due to its diosgenin content. Diosgenin is used to create the first-ever combined contraceptive pills in a Japan-based study.

Many believed that the application of wild yam root cream in their skin would naturally increase their progesterone level. This is simply false. A natural wild yam root has no progesterone. However, labs can transform some compounds in the wild yam into progesterone.

There are a lot of beliefs circling the usage of wild yam root. The most credible by far amongst all claims is its benefit for menopausal women. There is research which used 22 post-menopausal women as subjects. For at least 30 days, these women take in controlled wild yam samples. The outcomes were astonishing. Most of these women have improved levels of lipids, sex hormones, and antioxidants. Meaning, the potential risks of cancer and other health conditions due to aging can be averted by wild yam. These are all promising, but these researchers are not entirely sure about the mechanisms behind these outcomes.

Menopausal, as some might say, is the start of real-life aging. This is mostly true as this signals the complications of aging. Now you might think that you are way past the complications of raging teenage hormones. But you just might be in for the new set of troubles that menopause brings. The complications that aging brings include loss of bone density, cardiovascular disease, cancer, sagging skin, and more. This is why you should take the utmost care for your body at this point. 

So far, wild yam shows potential in averting some complications that aging brings. For example, it has a positive activity against:

Bone Density Loss: 

The bone density may be starting to dwindle starting from the menopausal period. Bone density loss is not a good picture for those who want to avert osteoporosis and other more bone complications. A study for wild yam root yielded positive outcomes against osteoporosis. The positive outcome of the study is mainly due to the diosgenin content of the wild yam root.


Cancer has plagued us for many years now. So far, we have no single bullet cure for cancer. Several herbs pose a positive potential against tumor growths, but so far, none are conclusive. Diosgenin is one steroid element that is beginning to be on the limelight due to its effect against colon cancer growths. Diosgenin can also be found in fenugreek. These results are still inconclusive, but it is another step into finding the cure for cancer.

Skin Problems: 

Diosgenin yields potential effects against skin aging. According to a Japanese study, diosgenin restores the keratinocyte in the skin which is responsible for skin aging. A 2007 study also yielded positive results from diosgenin against sunspots. This study found diosgenin, an effective inhibitor of melanogenesis (the creation of melanin, which produces sunspots).

Wild yam is known to delay as much as possible, sagging and wrinkling skin. This thought is only logical as due to wild yam’s saponin diosgenin content, which prevents the loss of collage. Collagen is what our skin needs to stay supple and bouncy. The diosgenin’s ability to stimulate collagen production makes it a formidable compound of wild yam against scarring, wrinkling, and sagging skin.

As we age, hyperpigmentation becomes inevitable. The long years of exposure to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays causes hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation provide sun even skin tone and many more problems. Hyperpigmentation is actually the symptom of unprotected skin exposure to the sun for many years. Wild yam’s diosgenin is said to be a depigmenting agent. It can potentially help erase unwanted skin discolourations.

The wild yam’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin sensitivity and irritability. Plus, its collagen-boosting diosgenin makes it possible to relieve the skin from sensitivities potentially. The wild yam also contains antioxidant, which is ideal for keeping the skin looking young and fresh.  

Gastrointestinal Problems:

Wild Yam can reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is a good remedy for gastrointestinal discomforts. Diosgenin, a steroid element found in wild yam root helps neutralise acidic fluids in the gut. This is why wild yam is such an effective root in balancing the intestinal fluids. Another element that can be found in wild yam, is dioscin (the other form of diosgenin). It adds up to the permeability of the intestines.

Muscle Spasms and Pain:

Wild yam is known to soothe the uterine lining. It does not just affect your uterine lining; its muscle-soothing prowess can also affect some muscle in the body.

Menopause Symptoms:

Aside from menstrual symptoms, wild yam root is also known for its soothing effects for menopausal symptoms. Wild yam is believed to calm cramps and overall discomfort during menopausal and menstrual periods. Wild yam is also showing great promise in improving the lipids and sex hormones during the menopausal period. Wild yam also seems to stabilise hormonal imbalances amongst women in their menopause. The phytoestrogen found in wild yams seems to relieve pain and inflammation.

The Usage of Wild Yam Root

The wild yam root is manufactured into different forms. Its popular form is in its dried form. This dried form is manufactured into tinctures, serums, creams, liquid(for teas and drinks), lotions, capsules, tablets, gels, and more. The form of which wild yam is used too is solely dependent on what the individual wants it to affect. For example, if you are wanted it to use for the skin, the manufacturer will give it to you in cream or lotion form. For the reproductive system, most brands recommend it in capsule or dried form. And it is usually mixed with other reproductive caring forms like chasteberry, motherwort, and many more. 

Your Takeaway

Wild yam’s wildfire popularity is not a coincidence after all. Many of its potential benefits are hailed all over the world. Yes, the wild yam roots mechanisms and benefits still need conclusive proof. For now, it is enough that clinical researches around the globe recognise its potential benefits against aging.

Try wild yam today and see for yourself the glowing benefits that you could get from it.







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