The Wild Yam Root for Women’s Reproductive System

Have you ever heard of wild yam root? If not. You might be living under a rock. This wonder root has been in the public circulation for many years now. It is a dependable root for women who are looking for an organic help to support their reproductive needs. Wild yam is also utilised to help with fertility issues.Wild yam root also helps with menopausal disorders and associated uncomfortable symptoms.

The Ever-Evolving Misconceptions About Organic Reproductive Health 

Like chasteberry, the wild yam root also experienced misconstrued applications and impressions.People used to believe that wild yam naturally contains the sex hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. They believe that the more you apply wild yam root cream in your skin, the better are your chances of increasing your sex hormones. The idea is not wrong, but the mechanism is haywire. You don’t get estrogen and progesterone from it, but it can indirectly stimulate the increase in production within your body.

How Can Wild Yam Root Stimulate the Production of Sex Hormones?

The wild yam root has dioscin. Dioscin is a steroid that naturally occurs in a wild yam root. Once ingested, dioscin can transform into diosgenin, thanks to the flora in our gut. Diosgenin is then absorbed in our small intestine to our bloodstream. Once diosgenin goes into our hypothalamus, it acts on the estrogen receptors. The activity of diosgenin in the estrogen receptors can trigger an increase in the production of estrogen. So, what’s the catch?

Now, this mechanism is only good if you are deficient in estrogen. If you have no problem with your hormones, wild yam root might not be a good idea for you. Also, for it to work, your gut should have adequate flora. Without an adequate flora, dioscin might not turn into diosgenin. So, try to assess first what’s the state of your intestinal health before taking in wild yam root. Wild yam root for hormonal balance should be taken orally and not through creams. However, some people prefer cream other than pills.

Wild Yam Root in Cream Form

If wild yam root does not have natural hormones, then why are there products which claims to have natural hormones? Products that claim to contain sex hormones can be legitimate. For it to be considered legitimate, you have to look for the trademark “USP bio-identical Natural Progesterone Cream.” This trademark suggests that the cream was made from a lab. Labs can engineer yams to not only have diosgenin but actually to have the human sex hormones. Beware though of what you buy as some brands can deceive you. Research and only buy from trusted wild yam root cream products.

Benefits that You Can Get from Wild Yam Root

The wild yam root is revered due to its potential power against tumor growths. The wild yam root is also famous for its anti-inflammatory effects, which helps a lot in alleviating pain. The wild yam root also benefits men in terms of sperm motility. The wild yam root also shows positive activities against obesity and body-fat accumulation. One of the best effects of wild yam root in the human body is glucose regulation. These are just some of the best benefits that the wild yam root is known for. But that isn’t what you are here for. You want to know why is it great for women’s reproductive health, right?

The Benefits of Wild Yam Root for Women’s Reproductive Health 

Wild yam root has a potential medicinal effect in reproductive health because of its power against hormonal imbalance. But wild yam root is more than its hormonal benefits. It can address a lot of reproductive disorders and dysfunctions.

Wild Yam Root Can Sooth Cramps: 

During menstruation and other important reproductive events, the muscles in our reproductive linings tend to have spasms. These spasms create waves of cramping and pain. The wild yam root can remedy these cramps by calming down our muscle lining. If our muscle lining calms, the functions of its various parts can be well supported.

Wild Yam Root Against Inflammation: 

Because of its anti-inflammatory compounds, wild yam root can assist in alleviating pain during urinary tract infections or UTI’s. You have to understand that the wild yam root is not a remedy for UTI. You still have to take in prescriptive antibiotics to completely remedy the cause of the problem.

Pain Management Against Ovarian Cysts: 

The wild yam root has activities against inflammation, so it is only logical for it to have an effect in ovarian cyst pain. However, this idea still needs several tests and studies.

Pain Management after Surgery:  

Pain after pelvic surgeries can be managed through wild yam root. Pelvic surgeries involves cesarean sections, fibroid removal, cysts removal, endometriosis, and more.

Prevents Miscarriage: 

Wild yam root has long been recognised to prevent potential miscarriage. Because of its soothing power to the uterine lining, unwanted contractions during pregnancy is prevented. Together with Black Haw, it wonderfully soothes the uterine muscles.

Pain Management During Labor: 

Painful labours can be potentially averted though the usage of wild yam root. This should be only used if the labor pain is abnormally intense. You don’t want to relax uterine contractions as it is the pushing movement for the baby to come out.

Pain Management After Giving Birth: 

Afterbirth, the mother can still potentially experience contractions. These contractions are natural until they become abnormally intense. If you are still experiencing abnormal contractions, the duo of wild yam root and Mother works might alleviate the painful contractions.

Wild Yam Root Can Alleviate Nausea During Pregnancy: 

This idea is still in dispute until now. Many medical practitioners are still skeptical about the effect of wild yam root during pregnancy. Many say that it’s best to leave it alone as there is no conclusive review yet about its effects. But if we judge it based on traditional medicine, wild yam root can manage the intense feeling of nausea during pregnancy. Native Americans use it to relieve their pregnant women from vomiting and nausea.

Chinese Use Wild Yam Root for “Chi” and Uterus Health: 

The traditional Chinese herbal ritual uses wild yam root to bring more chi into the human form. Chi is loosely referred to as the life force or energy of the human body. Chinese traditional medicine also uses the wild yam root to bring health and heat energy to the uterus of a woman. Heat to the uterus signifies fertility and overall uterus health.

The Traditional Usage of Wild Yam Root

There is no conclusive methodology for the wild yam root usage, but one has to observe the following guidelines:

1. The wild yam root’s benefits can be reaped if you use it over time. However, you have to let your doctor know about your wild yam root intake if you have a history of estrogen disorders and tumor growths.

2. Strictly follow the dosage enforced in the little pamphlet attached to the supplementary package of the product.

3. Even without any known medical complications or disorders, let your doctor know about your decision of taking in wild yam root.