The Importance of a Positive Environment to Improve Menstrual Health

There are many environmental factors in life that can affect our bodies, especially when speaking about menstrual health. In fact, studies have shown that many women who believe they are suffering from depression, are actually suffering from PMS symptoms. Menstrual flow, integrity, and regularity can be affected by situations you find yourself in such as your workplace, association, occupation, physical activity, and other lifestyle choices. Did you know that a positive environment can support better menstrual wellness? It can!  

Positive Thinking 

Paula Mallis once stated that how we view are periods can make a great impact. She said that viewing them more as a metaphor can help us turn menses into a time of mental cleansing. Think about it, our bodies are going through a cycle of natural cleansing by literally shedding what it doesn’t need. By reflecting this “shedding” in our own lives, we can improve positivity and mental clarity by letting go of negative thoughts or feelings we no longer need. This helps to promote a less stressful state of mind. As it’s been proven, less stress means we feel better overall by getting better sleep, having less anxiety or feelings of depression, and reduction in pain. 


We’ve been told all our lives that laughter is the best medicine. There’s even a bible proverb that says “a joyful heart is good medicine.” Laughter can have a positive impact on our periods, too! A good laugh can leave your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after by relieving stress and tension. It also can boost the immune system while decreasing the level of stress hormones. Laughter also triggers endorphins, which is like taking a dose of an all natural “happy pill.” Alongside feeling great, endorphins also act as a pain reliever. 

Good Friends

The people you surround yourself with during this time can contribute to a positive or negative outcome from your cycle. If you put yourself with people that stress you out, or you don’t like, of course it’s going to take away all the positivity and laughter you’ve worked so hard to get. So, surround yourself with friends and people you love! Speaking of people you love, studies have even shown that the pheromones released by men can have positive effects on us ladies! These pheromones have shown to boost a woman’s mood for up to 6 hours after exposure, as well as causing the release of a hormone that helps to better regulate the menstrual cycle. 

There are many environmental factors that can dictate whether we are miserable or not on our periods. The biggest influencer, though, is ourselves! We choose how we want to view our bodies and the natural cycle that goes through. We also dictate how much fun we have and who we want to have it with. By staying in a positive and stress-free environment, we can improve our menstrual health and overall well-being everyday!