Balancing Your Relationship and Menstrual Health

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August 4, 2021

Many women report, over their life, being in relationships where their significant other does not know much about their menstrual cycle or their body. However, it is helpful for your partner to understand your menstrual cycle and how your body works. Couples with open communication and a certain level of comfort discussing menstrual health are likely to be more satisfied with their relationship. People who are open about their health also tend to be healthier. According to some research across the board, being on your period impacts everything from kissing to how you interact with your partner. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a woman’s menstrual health can impact their relationship.

PMS and Relationships: Communication Is Key

Not only does PMS impact the individual experiencing it, it also impacts relationships. A 2008 study found that negative PMS experiences tend to factor into a couple’s relationship satisfaction. Women who experience more severe symptoms of PMS tend to be less satisfied and report more difficulties with their relationship. The same study also found that women felt less PMS distress if their relationship involved effective communication. 

Understanding How Your Body Changes During Your Cycle

Many men do not understand that women go through a wide variety of physical changes during their menstrual cycle. For example, women are more prone to skin breakouts during their cycle. Additionally, many women may go through breast tenderness and key times throughout their cycle. If your partner understands the physical sensations that go along with your cycle, they can better understand how you are feeling throughout the month. 

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