It's So True! Our Menstrual Health Affects Our Performance At Work!

Stop Complaining! Being aware and understanding is key to making that change! Women are Powerful!

According to Beyonce, girls are the ones who run the world!

She isn’t wrong, though. There has been a steady increase of women in the workforce for quite some time now! In fact, a 2019 survey showed that there is at least one woman in senior management for 87% of businesses worldwide and one third of all leadership positions are filled by women. Along with the increase of working women, there is also an increase (or should be) in awareness for good menstrual health. Why is this so important for the work environment? 

Wellbeing Impacts Productivity 

Rather than focusing on how neglected menstrual health can negatively impact productivity, we’re going to focus on how we can program our schedules with our bodies during our 4 hormonal stages, known as Cycle-Syncing. Each of the four provides different mental benefits that, when properly timed, can greatly impact what we can accomplish. The key is understanding how each of these stages works best for us. 

Cycle-Syncing Phases

Follicular Phase, known as the prime time for ultimate productivity for women. It occurs at the beginning of your period and can last 10-14 days. A woman can have more access to creative energy that can leave her open to new ideas to test out throughout the rest of her cycle. 

Ovulatory Phase, known as the Communication Stage. The reason it has been deemed the communication stage is for the chemical make up the brain has that leads to better verbal communication. It can last 15-17 days in the monthly cycle. You are at you most irresistible now, so make sure to take full advantage by having all those important conversations!

Luteal Phase, 18-28 days long. This time is for getting things done, the Power Phase. This is when you feel your most confident and are most goal-oriented, it’s a good thing it’s the longest phase! All of the previous planning you’ve done, and the balls that you got rolling into motion has led up to this point of ultimate completion. It’s time to wrap it up and prepare for the fourth and final phase, Reflection. 

Last up, as mentioned before, Menstruation Phase. Just 1-5 days long, is a time for reflection on how your past month went. Take this time to see if there are any changes you would like to make for your next cycle, if your productivity has changed, and how you are feeling as a whole. 

Impact in the Workplace 

Cycle-Syncing the stages in your menstrual cycle to the stages you go through in the workplace can be a make or break for women. The stigma is that the body of a woman gets in the way, and unfortunately, many believe that. Women who fall in that category are sorely halted in their productivity. Imagine trying to accomplish “power” tasks during the Luteal Phase when you should be resting and reflecting! Women who ignore their bodies and try to force them through the month can bring physical, mental, and emotional stress on themselves. Not to mention, stress that can be a detriment to concentration, communication, and the confidence needed to soar in the workplace. 

A woman who cycle-syncs not only has a great understanding of her own body, but has a full understanding of how powerful she can be. When she supports her body at the time it needs, it will support her right back. Cycle-syncing is a very powerful tool to use, especially for a woman in the business world. By keeping in touch with the four phases she goes through, she can be unstoppable!