Chasteberry Against Acne

Are you personally tired of skincare products that do not work well with your skin? Yes, we all are. You are splurging on the next expensive zit creams to remove the receipts, but it clings like a stubborn bug in your bed. This is horrible.By ’30s, you should have been done with the idea of pimple hunting you during teenage years. Luckily, we have organic alternatives to pimple treatments, and they go as skin deep as possible. Introducing the chasteberry.

Chasteberry for the Skin

You might have tried soaking your skin in chemically produced serums and still find no cure for your skin problems. Well, you are not alone. Most women turn to heavily advertised chemical skin cures in desperation. Most of the time, this is a wrong move as you need to know first the cause of your acne before treating it. Some of your skin problems are not more than deep-seated dirt; sometimes, it is because of hormonal imbalance. And the hormonal imbalance is not an isolated case. In fact, it is more rampant than you think.

Chasteberry is a household name for reproductive health. Women who suffer from debilitating symptoms of menstrual periods and menopause turn to chasteberry for help. Some of the reproductive disorders are due to hormonal imbalance. Chasteberry works through its influence in hormonal activities. Chasteberries mellow out the hormonal imbalance, which helps a lot in combating reproductive health disorders.

Unfortunately, hormonal imbalance causes acne flare-ups. Acne that is found in chins and below the jawline is usually caused by hormonal imbalance. There are instances that hormonal imbalance adds up to the flare-ups caused by bacteria and the overproduction of sebum. These pimples are not cutie pie in size, and they are humungous and painful.

Chasteberries might help diminish acne through its influence over your hormones. Although this is yet to be proven by science, it makes so much sense if you think about it. Plus, anecdotes have been recorded about its effect on skin health. These anecdotes include skin clear ups, glowing skin, controlled oil production, and more. Before delving into its magical skin prowess, let’s get to know a little more about Chasteberry.


Chasteberry is a known medicinal wonder of nature extracted from a shrub tree called the chastetree. These trees are known to grow in sub-tropical regions. Because these trees adhere to the lavish sun life, they can be found in regions where it’s a bit sunny. You can find some of them in Asia and the Southeastern parts of the United States of America.

In preparing chasteberry for medicinal purposes, it is usually dried and extracted for tinctures and capsules.  Each company has its own way of preparing chasteberry, but the most popular way of preparing it is mixing it with other herbal plants in capsules.

The Connection Between Acne and Hormone

Acne happens when your glands are producing too much oil. When the oil gets mixed up with dirt, pimples start to appear. If the pimples are not cleansed, a person can develop acne. Acne is a fairly popular skin problem for teenagers within their puberty period as this is the age where raging hormonal events happen. Hormonal imbalance is one of the key factors why we get acne. For this case, contraceptive pills have been developed to balance out the hormones and prevent pimples. These contraceptive pills should only be low dose as this is the safest method in taking in contraceptives. Chasteberry is dubbed to do the same work as contraceptive does.

How Can Chasteberry Help in Preventing Pimples?

Chasteberry is one of the safest methods in influencing hormonal activities. Chasteberry has no hormones or synthetic hormones to aid in balancing hormones. However, it has an indirect effect on hormonal activities. It can affect the pituitary gland and the Hypothalamus in their job to create hormones for the body. Its effect does enough to keep up the fluctuating levels of hormones. This makes the chasteberry such a potent catalyst in preventing the emergence of pimples.

The monthly period in women often involves hormonal imbalance. This is why before you menstruate, you see a pimple or two in your face — signalling the days to count before the shedding process begins. Contraceptive pills can remedy these hormonal fluctuations, and so is chasteberry.

The direct effect of chaste berry in pimple treatment is still in the process of verification. More studies and experiments should still be conducted in order to have a conclusive report about it.

How to Use Chasteberry Against Pimples?

Chasteberry is produced in forms of capsules, pills, tinctures, tablets, dried powdered, and more. You can’t take the chasteberry supplement forever as per recommendation.At most, you can only take for six months. For this reason, you have to adhere to the instructional pamphlet inside the package strictly. You also need to consult first with your doctor regarding its usage. This is to rule out some medical possibilities and interactions.   

A Word of Caution

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine said that the side effects and drug interaction of chasteberry are at a minimal level. However, individuals who wish to use chasteberry should have a close correspondence with their doctors.

Overdose and improper usage of chasteberry can lead to the realisation of some side effects like stomach problems and nausea. Every woman is different, and so the outcome of chasteberry can also vary. Some women will develop a rash while some just went about their business without any worry.

Chasteberry should be diligently taken in for 3 to 6 months for the effects to start coming together. This means that chasteberry is not an immediate quick fix for acne treatment. Chasteberry is one of those organic treatments that need long-term engagement before even realising its efficacy. Its long-term application does not only translate to acne, but it is also the same with menstrual and menopausal symptoms. So, don’t give up until you completed the whole session.

Your Takeaway

Pimples cause hassle.You can lose your confidence with just a dot or two. Instead of going into that socially packed party, you opt to stay at home because of your zits. Oftentimes, we succumb to chemical-based zit creams thinking that its price tag narrates well about its efficacy. But we always get disappointed.

Worry no more.Try to use the wondrous works of chasteberry in clearing up your skin. The chasteberry almost works the same ways as contraceptive pills do in balancing your hormones. This mechanism helps prevent the development of pimples.

Chasteberry is another organic way of treating acne. It has no hormones or any synthetic hormones. So, it is relatively safe. Its side effects are very tolerable. Just try to adhere strictly with what the medication pamphlet is saying to prevent unwanted side effects.

Although its effect is not immediate, the diligent take in of this supplement will realise a clear skin in 3 months (that is if your body responds well to its compound). Chasteberry is still in the middle of a study in terms of its conclusive effects in the human body. So before taking this in, it's better to consult your doctor first. This is to rule out some unwanted medical interactions.